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Pistol Packin' Possum just arrived in the town of Tumblweed when he realized it has  been over run  by the Grizzly Gang. He will have to take down 6 of the baddest baddies the world has ever seen.

Wait for just the right time hit the spacebar  to shoot your opponent.

Made for the CGA JAM 2017

Game by Ismail Hassan
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Pistol Packin Possum.exe 3 MB


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Well done! This is a real gem! I loved the writing, the artwork, the humor, and the suspense. The duels were excellent. I thought I had catlike reflexes from years of gaming, drumming, and martial arts, but wow, some of those foes really gave me a challenge! Maybe it was just the nerves after all that trash talking! :)

I love it, lots of fun, funny writing, and great art. It's not your fault but the kerning is kind of bad at times with big and small spaces. Really glad I got to play it.